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The idea is that with all of the technology of lead capture, social media, optimized content and internet resources we often forget that it is all about…PEOPLE


Ponte Marketing uses a new state of the art technology as well as traditional media to CONNECT your company to people locally which is the most important for a small business owner. All the software all over the world can’t do what educated, talented and dedicated small business owner can…connect with prospects and costumers.

A local business owner wants to be able to do their marketing and advertising from their office at minimal cost but the challenge is: what to do, when to do it, how much of it to do… Ponte Marketing will give any local business owner step by step guide to gaining more customers and better bottom line. Over time, and as a result of Ponte Marketing systems for lead generation, local business owner will gain more customers and more success. That will require time and comprehensive marketing strategy. Instead of being overwhelmed local business owner can rely on Ponte Marketing team to take over day-to-day implementation of marketing and advertising.

When Ponte Marketing consults and trains clients and their staff, the goal is not to make them marketers but marketing educated business owners and first class leaders.

Ponte Marketing started as a consulting partner to our clients.  Very quickly, however, we found out that our clients wanted to know how it works at the beginning, and very soon they needed someone to DO the marketing and manage advertising.

confident businessmanPonte Marketing will consult you on marketing, advertising, leadership and production in order for you to do what is best for your business. You can count on us to take day-to-day management and implementation of acquiring a customer.

Instead of you getting trained to use 20-30-40 or more different software to implement your lead generation, we train our staff who will do that for you all at once. You still call the shots, and we just use the technology to aim faster and better.




Do you remember the story about three little piggies?

What story are you telling and more importantly who is telling your story?threelittlepigs

Are you telling the story that sticks to you customers and prospects, or you are telling some boring old story over and over that is not bringing the results and costing you time, money and sleepless nights?

Welcome to Ponte Marketing… we are story tellers. Build bridge to and for your customers, and we’ll spread the word to your fans and potential fans.  We will cheer you up all the way and be your biggest supporter.

We know how to tell the story and where to tell it so that it draws loyal customers and fans to your brand. In short, we get you results.

Running a business in today’s market is all about bottom line. Our promise is to get your bottom line in mile high club.

On this website you will find everything you need to market, advertise,brand and manage your business. All the tactics and strategies are proven tested principals  that get massive lasting results. Stories of real people who successfully managed their business into success will inspire you and get you to do what it takes to get those impressive results.

Please go to our blog to find great content and howto’s for your business. Best of all ask us a question and we will answer it for you.