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Did you hear how everybody is talking about finding that ideal customer of your business. But why?? It is simple to advertise to everyone who happens to pass by or land on your page.

Well, advertising is not free and it takes lots of work. If you are screaming your advertisements to people who are not interested, they might get annoyed, and you are wasting your hard earned money. Who cares if they get annoyed? In this world of online reviews, if someone gets mad enough to write you a bad review it will hurt your business.

Let’s just be smart about it and advertise to 20% of the customers that make 80% of your profit. Take a look in your data and you will discover that 80% of your profit actually comes from 20% of your customers. And that is a great thing.

You get to ask your best 20% what they think about you, how  they found you and what you could do to make them spend even more money with you. Real fun starts when you discover all that and upscale it. Your business growth will explode.

We are not trying to convince you. You already know how important it is to have ideal customer Avatar.

On this page you will find downloadable form of ideal customer avatar questionnaire to fill out and discover everything you need to know him or her. We would just like to advise you to not giving this form to your customer to fill out. Most of the time people don’t want to deal with long surveys and more importantly they are not always honest about it. If they like you they will answer with what they think you would like to hear from them.

Take this form when you discover one of your top 20% clients and start feeling it out at your desk. Fill out as much as you can of this form from what you remember from the conversations with your client. If there is a few questions that you still didn’t ask your client yet, remember to ask next time.

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