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How to Easily Create a SlideShare Presentation [+Free Template] Please raise your hand if you’ve ever feltpersonally victimized by PowerPoint. When you open it up, you’re hit with stark black Calibri font on a white background, killing any creative inkling you may have felt. It’s daunting enough to creating a 10-slide deck to report your monthly marketing metrics — never


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While this list is not comprehensive by any means, since there are literally hundreds of SEO-focused content tools, plug-ins, bookmarklets, software solutions, and services on the market, it is simply meant to serve as a starting point for your efforts to improve your content search potential. Keyword research tools Knowing which keywords to use is

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We’re all familiar with sticker shock; but with content marketing, staffing shock is the problem that has many of our heads spinning. Indeed, when a company embarks on its first B2B content marketing program, a common discovery is that there’s more to the job of creating and managing content than meets the eye. Producing effective, high-quality content

 I need to be active on social media, but I’m completely overwhelmed. Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest…every time I start, there is too long of a lapse between posts. How can I be consistent? We’ve asked a coterie of marketing experts to join Entrepreneur’s Team Digital to provide answers to your common questions about building an online presence. Got

You’ve got the website and the promising client list, but do you have the blog—and even more important, do you need one? My clients are often surprised to hear me say that most of the time, the answer is yes. It doesn’t need to consume your life. But smart marketers know that a blog can be a critical

LOS ANGELES — Jeff Glass used to rely on the Yellow Pages to bring customers to his Rider Shack surf shop here. Now, Facebook has taken over as his primary vehicle for keeping awareness of his shop in front of the public. And there’s a lot more to managing his Facebook business page than what

Now that half of the year has gone by, it’s the time to do a sense-check of your marketing plan (including social media marketing plan). Business owners are often overwhelmed with never-ending but important day-to-day avalanche of things that often times their poor strategic plans don’t get the attention they deserve. Here are the questions

Who are you and/or who are you with? Why are you here? What do you do? What will that do for me? What do you want me to do? Why should I trust you? Who are you again?   Click on the photo to enlarge!   Your prospects are asking to answer those questions with


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I just had a conversation with a prospect and a topic of social media came up. Not entirely on its own, I just brought it up, that is. Why? The prospect told me he was interested in some traditional media advertising and website. “That’s it”, he said. And I being a trained salesman, started asking