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I just had a conversation with a prospect and a topic of social media came up. Not entirely on its own, I just brought it up, that is. Why?

The prospect told me he was interested in some traditional media advertising and website. “That’s it”, he said. And I being a trained salesman, started asking questions as to why. Why only website? Do you have Facebook account? Facebook Page? No? Why not? And what I heard brought me back to earth so fast that I was gasping for air.

His answer was a summary of thoughts of so many business owners still have today.

As I was dizzy when he was answering I can’t remember word for word what he said but in essence it sounded something like:

“Facemook? Nahh…I don’t need it. I have never been there. Nobody reads those posts anyway. It is just for kids and teenagers and they can’t afford my A/C repair.”

Business owners please listen to me for just a second. Facebook and other social media is the same as word of mouth in past thousands of years since first trade was made.

If you use it right you will make friends (like in real life). If you treat your friends right, they will tell their friends (like in real life). If you give to all your friends a good deal and treat them exceptionally they will become your fans (like in real life), and buy only from you, they will buy often and they will tell everyone that they did. They will steal, cheat and sell for you over and over again.

The only difference is now it can happen in a day.

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